What is your coping style?

These items deal with ways you’ve been coping with managing your MS. There are many ways to try to deal with difficult situations such as an MS diagnosis – this questionnaire helps you discover your style of coping with a challenge and, depending on your answers, it gives you pointers to help make coping easier. 

We know that different people deal with things in different ways. By taking our quick questionnaire, you’ll be able to better identify what is, and is not helpful, about your individual style of coping. Along with this, the answers to the questionnaire also offer practical suggestions to help improve the way you deal with potentially stressful situations relating to your MS. So go ahead and answer the questions as honestly as possible and find out what could work best for you.

The questions are designed to identify how you’ve tried to deal with your MS. Each item describes a particular way of coping and your answers to the questions help you work out what you coping style is so you can read the most relevant information for you. 



The following statements relate to your perception about yourself in a variety of situations. Each multiple-choice item has four response options. Your task is to select one of them. Remember, there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, so select the number that most closely reflects your style for each statement. Take your time and consider each statement carefully. Once you have completed all questions click ‘Submit’ and we will calculate and display your results for you.

To give yourself a more accurate picture of your coping style, try not to answer on the basis of whether it seems to be working or not – just whether or not you’re doing it. Try to rate each item separately in your mind, rather than in conjunction with the other questions – this will help build up a more accurate a picture of your situation.